With nearly twenty years of experience directly inside the downstream trade of wireless technology, we specialized in problem-solving, cost-effective, and innovative global data connectivity for IoT, IIoT, and product engineering solutions for all sizes of businesses and industries.

Who We Are

Simply Mobile Technologies offers a single managed platform tailored to the IoT strategy of your business. 

Founded in 2015 Simply Mobile Technologies LLC. formed to focus on the connected wearables market.  In addition to the personal health and fitness sector, we provided additional products and services for RF-ID, NFC and Bluetooth low energy connectivity for personnel and asset tracking.

Now our goal is to provide businesses with a comprehensive solution for all the IoT and enterprise mobility needs. We provide Global Connectivity and Coverage utilizing eSIM technologies with local profiles in 190 countries and 600 local carriers. ​​ With our eSim you wil get global coverage across 600 mobile carriers around the world under one contract.

Our benefits:

  • Competitive rates
  • Low latency
  • Sustainability
  • Single provider
  • Global coverage
  • Flexible offering
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System Analysis

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IoT Solutions

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Cellular IoT eSim Plans

SMT supports data plans for embedded IoT data carriers using low-cost data plans for IoT with global connectivity support.

Our eSim runs on the world’s largest international cellular carriers in voice, data, and IoT services, to make global LTE-M and NB-IoT cellular IoT connectivity ultra-easy, automatic, and instant.

Although it’s not common knowledge outside of the cellular communications industry, global smartphone connectivity and roaming services are actually provided by only a few international carriers that partner with local and national carriers to enable connectivity and roaming for voice, data, and IoT services worldwide. SMT support one of the world’s largest international carriers or ‘IP Exchange providers’ and used by over 600 local carriers in over 190 countries.

As a result, SMT IoT customers get instant high-quality global connectivity without having to go through the ordeal of negotiating and managing multiple relationships with individual local cellular carriers worldwide.

Using eSIM technology, you can leverage SMT as a single global connectivity supplier, with a single contract, a single ‘operations’ online dashboard, and a single monthly bill that breaks down all global services used. Our basic eSIM meets all relevant GSM Association (GSMA) standards.

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